The Monday Minute: National Girlfriends Day

by | Aug 1, 2016 | The Monday Minute, Video

Happy Monday friends!

It’s National Girlfriends Day!

It’s also Homemade Pie Day!

And the rest of the week… well it could be a full one!

I know it’s a full one around here… My youngest returned from her camp on Saturday and my oldest two are off to camp today! I guess there will be two fewer people around to have to feed, but I will have one lonely kiddo hankerin’ for things to do.

Maybe I’ll task her on some yard work. My husband and I hit the yardwork mighty hard this weekend… it was a motivating start, but there is still much to do. That happens when you don’t do a little at a time, you know.

I’m hoping the blister on my thumb will turn to a hearty callous. Is that how green thumbs start – with blisters?

Oh, and in addition to yardwork and picking up a kid from camp and helping two other kids get ready for a week of camp and a BBQ with friends… my husband built a Ninja Warrior Warped Wall for Lucy…

*Someone’s* daddy built her a @ninjawarrior warped wall. SOMEONE is very happy ????

A photo posted by Jenny Ingram (@jennyonthespot) on

One evening not too long ago Lucy asked my husband if he’d make her one.

The answer was “No” because what kid REALLY wants a big wall to run up? Surely it was a frivolous ask.

However, Lucy was DEAD serious, and frankly she was quite devastated… not in a spoiled brat sort-of way, but in a DEATH OF A DREAM sort-of way.

We’re not sure where to go from here, other than up. After a few tries she reach the top of the wall. If I were a betting woman, I’d put money on seeing Lucy on American Ninja Warrior some day 😉

Happy Monday friends. Peace and sparkles to you… and don’t forget to look for a way to change someone’s day for good today… or this week. Or every day this week 😉

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