The Monday Minute was LIVE with Facebook Live Video

by | Apr 16, 2016 | Blog, Life


It’s… The Monday Minute, but LIVE… with Facebook live video!

Yes, I know it’s not last Monday, but TIME IS RELATIVE.

Facebook has offered LIVE video and I thought, “I do video. I should do live video…”

Also, to be painfully honest… life is moving faster than I can handle and live video saved me a whole bunch of time, but still allowed me to make good on my promise to bring lunacy to every Monday so the lesson here is…


I digress. So tell me – what do you think about Facebook live video? Yea or Nay?

I’m thinking of making it somewhat of a regular thing, like maybe the first Monday of the month.


Or when I’m in a pinch. BUT YOU TELL ME. Should I? Should I not?

Why? Why not?

But I guess one kind-of needs to be liking my Facebook Page if one wants to know when live video is happening, so here’s the link to find that page: LINK TO JOTS ON FB

In case you need it.

It looks like this right now:

jennyonthespot Facebook Page

But I change my header every month or two. Or three.

Depends on my mood.

Alrighty, friends. The next Monday Minute should be coming at you this Monday… It won’t be live though… as I’ll be on a ship on my way to the Dominican Republic! Can’t wait to share with you those adventures as some friends and I not only enjoy some cruise time but also get to work in the local community in the DR… *heart emoticon*

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Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

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