The Monday Minute – Getting Rid of Fruit Flies & Other Things

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Hey guys!

The Monday Minute – Getting Rid of Fruit Flies & Other Things

Sounds like a good time to me! Herefollows the latest installment of The Monday Minute (or two, in shich I try to help make a “case of the Mondays” a GOOD thing!)…

If you do take the time to watch all of this, you will see that towards the end I share about a little product I am particularly in love with. It is a little FRUIT FLY DEATH TRAP, Y’ALL…

Fly Punch Fruit Fly Trap from Grove Collaborative

Please ignore my bananas. They are quickly becoming perfect candidates for banana bread. There is always an upside, you guys…

I digress.

I just want to show you my no-fail way to get rid of fruit flies. No plastic with small holes. No soap bubbles. No wine or vinegar from my own bottles… And I am sorry if this is gross, but it is also PROOF:

Fly Punch Fruit Fly Trap from Grove Collaborative


I’ve tried all the home-hacks and each have their merit, but Aunt Fannie’s kicks THE BUTT of all the hacks. I don’t have time to outsmart the flies. 

I discovered Aunt Fannie’s Fly Punch! Fruit Fly Trap through Grove Collaborative. (that’s my affiliate link… if you end up purchasing through Grove, I’ll get a lil’ somethin’ for sharing the love). I encourage you to check out Grove Collaborative. I purchase much of my home cleaning products and some skin care through Grove. They offer all natural alternatives so I know that when I browse their online marketplace I will only find things that are better and safer for my family.

Speaking of recommendations… I mentioned early on in the video the iron tool I use to make my hair wavy. You can find the Tigi Bed Head iron here on Amazon. And yes, that is also an affiliate link.

That’s all I’ve got for now! What sorts of products are YOU loving right now? Are you excited for the Fall? I sure am!

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