The Moms View Live, and a trip to Chicago for blogging things.

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I am typing this from the airport… because I am all plannery like that.

I am heading to Chicago for BlogHer 13 where I’ll be speaking on a panel and seeing my internet friends and doing that really loud “SQUEEEEEE” until my voice wears away.

This was me at BlogHer LAST year with my friend Liza.

Liza has started a little awesome blog organizer too called BLOGANIZER. It’s AWESOME.

No seriously. Check it out. Keep up on your favorite blogs, and totally champion your own. Bloganizer is the way to go.

But LAST WEEK I hopped on down to L.A. to tape The Mom’s View Live. LIVE, but recorded. Because most of The Moms View ladies are going to be in Chicago too!

I am SUPER excited to have been able to join in the The Moms View fun last week. The show goes live every Thursday at 2 p.m. Pacific. So here is my episode… Episode 3 of the new season!

I haven’t watched it yet. That always makes me nervous. What do you think? No… don’t tell me…

I’m hoping to be able to visit the studio on occasion and… and… get more goof y pictures of me pretending to not take selfies on the set…


And park in places that make me feel talented…

Talent parking, what?!!!

And In-n-Out. OH YES IN-N-OUT…

In-n-Out Burger

That totally happened at 10:30 in the morning, and I make no apologies for it.

I’m off to blogercize! Happy to you! Peace to you! Sparkles to you!

Merry weekend!!!


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