The Minions are coming, the Minions are coming!

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Once upon a time (May 2011) there was a family that went to a land far, far away.

Well, far away to them. Seattle to FLA = far.

And sunny.

A bright, sunny day at Universal Orlando

Heaven bless my fair-skinned, blue-eyed (OK, one has green eyes) Northwest vampires babes. The sunshine throws their cloud-covered eyes into a tailspin.

Speaking of tailspin… imagine our surprise when we happened upon a Despicable Me Minion flashmob while we were hangin’ out at Universal Orlando!

A Minion flashmob

I have to say, my favorite character wasn’t a Minion. It was this guy:

Best flashmobber ever!

Made. My. Day.

He had SPUNK. He had FIRE. He had ENERGY. And he had a Rascal.


Speaking of awesome…

Me. Bein' all LEGIT.

Just call me LEGIT.

Street Media creds, yo!

Which lead to this moment:

Gettin' in our WE time with the Minions

See how Lucy is hugging that Minion? The girl could NOT keep her hands off those guys. Could. Not. Give her costumed personalities or give her death.

But Lucy didn’t keep the Minions all to herself…

A Minion party's in the HOUSE!

(See my little Lucy there in the pink skirt on the far right? She just had absolutely no fun.)

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, the coming attraction Universal revealed so many months ago – will be opening THIS summer. Like, 2012. ya’ll! It will be another fabulous Universal 3D adventure sure to draw the young and the young at heart.

Speaking of Spiderman…

(Hey, sometimes one has to get creative with transitions.)


The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman is not a new attraction at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, but in March the ride re-opens with a shine that I undertand will give Awesome a run for it’s money. Something about putting an extra D in 3D, or something mathy and amazing like that!

Speaking of giving Awesome a run for its money…

The family who get's soaked together, walks around wet.

We are smitten. And very wet.

I had the privilege to join in on a media webcast last week as Universal announced all the stuff the world has to look forward to in 2012. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I teared up a little… especially when they said Blue Man Group has a new show.

Before seeing the show, I was all, “Blue Man, Schmu Man.”

Foolish me. BLUE.MAZING.

We didn’t take our kids to that show, and I regret it. They would have lost their MINDS.

Things we did not get to experience (because that would have required time travel and it seems that is the one thing Universal has not yet created) (what’s the hold-up, Universal?!) (I kid) (kind-of) was the upcoming night show – 100 waterfall screens within the Universal Studios lagoon showing some of Universal’s most magical movie moments… Nor did we get to experience the new interactive family water play area at the Wet and Wild Waterpark… aaaaand the Hollywood Drive-In Golf at Universal CityWalk. More details on the new attractions can be found here.

Will the wonders never cease?

Signs point to NO.

*Disclosure: I was not paid nor asked to write this post. However, I (and family) did spend a week at Universal Orlando (on their dime) (last year) as part of a media tour. All experience, excitement and sincere delight are mine. I’m not sure at what point this isn’t considered sponsored… so for the sake of being fully transparent (because I care what you think) (and I want you to trust me) I add this so you can know there is history with this relationship. Thanks for reading, yo.


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