The Inaugural "Put Jenny On the Spot" Vlog: Socks!

by | Apr 14, 2011 | Video | 8 comments

First-like, I want to thank Katie who left a question in the comments on this post in order to kick-off what I hope to be an educational informative riveting VLOG series-of-sorts – Put Jenny On the Spot!

Since then, another question was submitted by my friend Michelle of Falafel and the Bee… so I suppose that will be next. She asks about snacks. I am a huge fan of snacks. I think I could say a lot of things about snacks. I can also eat a lot of snacks.

I digress…

But Katie’s question (no blog to link to, or I TOTES would!) … And I must say, it was a GOOD question – and a two-parter!

Do you ever wear a pair of socks more than one day in a row because you’re just wearing them around the house and didn’t put them away the night before? What’s your favorite pair of socks to wear day after day?

Did you all know I vlogged about socks before??? Ya ever wonder about the missing socks? Yep – here ya go.

Oh, AND there were a couple of video responses to my last vlog. I would like to share them with you. Because I passed kindergarten, which means I learned how to share:

  • My friend Jenn of Momma On the Rocks thinks this vlog is proof she should not blog, and I say BULWRARK (sp?)! You can’t tease me like that, girl! I want another! And may I add… I am so proud of her! *bravo*
  • My girl Lu of Art Slam – my sister from anothah mistah… SLAYS me. If you don’t watch THIS, you rob yourself of awesome. She’s just launched into the vlog scene, and I think we have a monster on our hands.
  • And Alexis (Cluttered Brain) is always up for a video challenge! She’s an old vlogging pro! I did not just call you old, Alexis… I think I didn’t…


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