The Great RITZ Holiday Parade: A Parade of Deals and SAVINGS!

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Everybody loves a parade. Or most people do.

But EVERYBODY loves deals and savings.

Now through December 25th, the Great RITZ Holiday Parade will be tirelessly parading deals and savings aaand sweepstakes. RITZ brings this to help to put the fun back in the holidays for stressed out parents.

Why should the kids get all the fun?

The Great Ritz Holiday Parade... a parade of deals and savings
(Did you see the floats I made for the Great RITZ Holiday parade?)

By going to this link, you can check out the deals and savings have been offered through December 11th. Which means there are 14 more days of deals and savings to be had. Visit this Great Holiday RITZ Parade link to check out the upcoming deals.

The holidays usually mean more spending, whether we want it to mean that or not. So, when the opportunity to take advantage of a good deal, or grab some extra savings comes along… we want to grab it. This fun RITZ program not only provides opportunities to find fun deals from site like Living Social…

The Great Ritz Holiday Parade on Facebook: a parade of deals and savings

to Bark Box to Cool Windows tech things… but there is also a place for a little fun (make your own float – the warmest place to build a float in the winter is from the comfort of your own home!) and there is even an opportunity to win a trip to NYC.

I was just telling my husband last night that it has become a grand dream of mine to be able to go to NYC as a family during the holidays…. ice skating at Rockefeller Center and in Central Park… a Broadway play… the lights… the energy… Oh that is so much up our alley.

I digress…

A parade of deals!

So follow this link here to keep track of upcoming deals. Be sure to follow the parade on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t forget! The deals are only good through December 25th so check back every day so you don’t miss a single one!
How about a little Q and A?
  • Do you like parades?
  • Do you like deals?
  • If you could only choose one, would you choose parades or deals?
  • Have you ever built a float?
  • Have you ever been to NYC?

I have built several floats, and not just for the Great RITZ Holiday Parade. Float building is HARD work. But not with the Great RITZ Holiday Parade.

*This post has been sponsored by RITZ (thanks guys!!!). All words and ponderings and float creation are my own.*

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