The Great Holiday Panic [sponsored]

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So maybe I’m being a little dramatic but…



We’re, like 5 weeks from Christmas and Santa’s sleigh is… well… the ELVES have not been doing a good job getting Santa’s sleigh ready.

*breathes in bag*

For me, this season of giving creates panic on 2 levels…

  1. Spending money… because after heating the home, feeding the children, and making the mortgage payment, there isn’t much left for sleigh-stocking.
  2. Spending time… Life is always busy, but we are a houseful of theatre children and our first 2 weeks of December are all about performances and mom not losing her mind. There is literally NO time for holiday prep. None. Zilch. Zero.

I am discovering Ebay as a potential resource for helping ease my panic.

  1. Making a little extra to put into my “Santa’s Sleigh” envelope as well as the deals that make the cash go further.
  2. Online shopping. With my upcoming schedule, I will be able to carve late-night moments to check some things off my list. The mall is not open at midnight… but eBay is.

Full disclosure here: I am finding it easier to shop for a deal than it is to list my items so I can fill that envelope. Thinking I need to visit eBay’s Holiday Seller’s Guide to give me that little push. I have an impressive pile building… just waiting to help me fill that envelope marked “Santa’s Sleigh”…

I am certain AFTER the holidays I will see that pile get bigger.

Right now, I am most thankful to know that when I am ready, I am able to cash-in on the stuff that isn’t doing anything but being … well… stuff.

Speaking of stuff… Dear Santa, I found that necklace.

You know… the one all over Pinterest

On eBay.

You know.

In case you needed to find one for someone

Who? ME?


*I am an eBay Parent Panel partner. This post is sponsored by eBay. Opinion and experience (and/or inexperience) are my own.

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