The Great Girlfriend Wardrobe Challenge of 2013: In Which My Friend and I Commit To Buying NO NEW CLOTHES in 2013

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I repeat, The Great Girldfriend Wardrobe Challenge of 2013: In Which My Friend and I Commit To Buying NO NEW CLOTHES in 2013.

No need to rub your eyes or clean your spectacles… what you read, it’s true:

It’s true. My friend Lisa and I are committing each other and THE WORLD that in 2013 we will use what we have, save a ton of dough and/or not accrue new debt by purchasing ANY clothing items. NOR ACCESSORY ITEMS.



It’s an effort to simplify… not just our closets, but our minds. We believe we have a fashion addiction and just like any “user” we haz gots to go COLD TURKEY.

I’m am a great-big bundle of excited and nervous. What cute trend will I miss out on?


Seriously. Fret-worthy.

Actually it’s not fret-worthy, and that’s why something needs to be done. Too much of my mind space and closet space has been devoted to fashion-y things. What have I/we been missing because our eyes have been distracted by, as Lisa said, “fashion porn”?

What treasures do we already have that have gone unnoticed?

Or how much lies in the recesses of our closets/minds that need to get tossed?

I guess we shall see.


If you want to join us, PLEASE DO! Or if you have something you’ve identified that might be a better thing to go cold turkey on (stationary, craft supplies, POWER TOOLS, or whathaveyou)… Leave a comment! Lisa and I are planning to post regular updates, and if there are enough of us fools determined folks, we might just need to form a group.


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