The GMC Acadia Denali: My Car For A Week

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A week or so ago my family got to enjoy a special treat.

We were the proud borrowers of a GMC Acadia Denali for an entire week.

GMC Denali Acadia

That whole week felt sexy because of it.

I mean, lest you forget our usual ride is the standard-issue minivan.

Nothing against the minivan, but you guys…

GMC Denali Acadia

The Acadia has the power of a truck, but the finesse of … a… a limo? But without a guy to drive you around and stuff.

It was smooth. It was quiet.

GMC Denali Acadia

Especially when the kids weren’t with me.

The steering wheel was heated.

GMC Denali Acadia

I can’t even.

I think heated steering wheels are my love language.

I could probably pull a bunch of info and share about it’s engine and features like that, but let’s be real here…

The color: White Diamonds, The interior: Leather. The radio: XM…

GMC Denali Acadia

It had double sunroofs…

GMC Denali Acadia

…heated AND cooled seats, a back-up camera…

GMC Denali Acadia

…and a tailgate that opened with the push of a button on the remote.

AND the side mirrors told you if there were cars in your blind spots. It was like driving a Magic 8 Ball!

“Is there a car in my blind spot?”

“Signs point to yes.”

GMC Denali Acadia

I guess the most technical I can get with you and still keep it really real is… it turned great. Is that called a turning ratio? … You know how big cars can sometimes be a beast to turn?

Not this sexy lady.

GMC Denali Acadia

If I was in a solid purchasing position, this could be a contender. However, in all honesty, our family would probably need something like a Yukon. I found that though it was spacious, if we are packed full of kids with a lot of gear, the trunk space isn’t quite enough.

The trunk was plentiful, but the numbers we have to pack inside, plus the stuff… would push the limits on occasion. I was very glad we had the chance to drive it for awhile because it gave us the chance to see we really do need a bit more space in this season of our family. I was hoping something small would work. Even though this is no small vehicle!

Outside of that personal fit-issue – my whole family agrees, the Acadia is an outstanding vehicle. The Denali line is a great match for us. I mean, it is a luxury line, so…

*I was not paid to write this. I was given the vehicle to drive for a week, with no expectation or conditions to write or share anything. I just wanted to share about my experience. Because I am a sharer.

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