The Front Pack Trials

by | Jun 7, 2007 | Parenting/Family | 3 comments

Here’s a bit of info you ladies won’t read in one of those new mom books. 

Front pack trials.

If you have not yet had to do the following, odds are you will. You know your handy-dandy baby front pack?

Someday you’ll have to figure out how to go to the bathroom while sporting one of those with a 12 pound baby, a full bladder, and a stubborn zipper.

Not every bathroom has a table to strap down baby.

And if you are front-packin’ junior/princess, you probably don’t have a stroller with you.

What other options do you have, but rival the skills mostly reserved for gymnasts and performers for Cirque du Soleil?

I am here to tell you you are not the only one. Just pray that when you gave birth to that baby you didn’t also give birth to your sense of balance.

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