The Evo Conference Vlogging Workshop

by | Sep 12, 2011 | Conferencing, Video | 1 comment

Back in July I went to Park City, Utah to go to the Evo Conference! I helped lead a vlogging conference with Kia Ruiz and Lamar Tyler.

Lamar, Kia, Me - Evo Vlogging Workshop

[photo cred: Lamar Tyler]

I had such a great time with Lamar and Kia and all our Evo vlogging workshop-ees!

In the workshop we talked about, well… VLOGGING! We shared a whole lot… answered lots of questions and then sent everyone out in groups to practice what they learned! Jenny Eckton (@formerlyphread) live-blogged the session – you can read her post here. I was able to head out each day during this “hands-on” portion. Want to see what I saw?

I had a ball watching my group discuss where to film, work their nerves out and just get to know each other better. What I didn’t expect was having the camera turned on ME. Not only did these gals do an outstanding job being filmed, but they did an outstanding job putting me on the spot. Sillies.

A couple of the attendees have share their Evo-inspired vlogs! Here is Carly of Living the Scream:

And Mia of Peacock Girl

And Pam… I will add it as soon as it comes in!

Anyone else??? Hmmm….????


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