The Easters

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You know how we sprung forward a couple weeks back?

Or was it a few weeks back?

What year is it?

I can’t even know….

I digress… You know how when we spring forward and it gets darker later and it comes time for dinner and dinner isn’t made because even though it’s 6:30, it feels like 5?

That’s a bit how the month of March has felt. It FEELS like March 1, but it’s really March 31.



It’s Easter!!!

This year it really snuck up on me. Like dinner time after we switch to daylight savings.

I had to run to the grocery store for bread since we had been out of bread for at least 3 days (I WIN) and as I was making a bee-line for the bread I was all, “Hey, SELF… when is the Easters?” And then I was all , “Oh.”

In 2 days.

You know when you know a particular date is coming, but you don’t really KNOW?


So I bought bread, 18 cage free eggs and dye.

Badaboom (sharpies) badabing (googly eyes)… Easter eggs that look JUST LIKE OUR FAMILY!

Easter eggs

Our family will soon become deviled…

Speaking of DEVILED…


Aaaaaanywho…. we are celebrating with my husband’s family this Easter. That pic is us on the ferry on our way to spend time with some of our favorite people. What you cannot see are Gus and Kevin.They are there, but I think Gus is asleep (he is good at napping and also pooping on the floor and chesing ALLL THE THINGS) and Kevin…. he is SO over the whole picture-in-the-car thing.

What a diva.

If you don’t observe this holiday, then I wish you a lovely and fair Sunday!!! If you DO observe the Easters then I I say, “He IS RISEN!” And then you say… “HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!”

Related: Don’t eat to many chocolate bunnies.

Or do.

Personally, I’m not crazy about chocolate bunnies… it’s the robin’s eggs that’ll take me down.




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