The Easter Bunny

by | Mar 24, 2008 | Joel, Parenting/Family | 6 comments

Apparently, OUR Easter Bunny is not so bright. He left all his packaging in our trash can. He left the extra candy just sitting out in the open… OUR Easter Bunny must’ve missed the Easter Bunny training chapter titled: “Stealth and Deception: The Easter Bunny’s Most Crucial Skillz”.

My eight year old son found that trash can stuffed with empty Peeps boxes, fake grass wrappers, and the like. It was suspicious. He decided it was time to get some answers. He approached his father and asked that if there really IS an Easter Bunny, why is all that stuff in OUR trash can?

Who taught my son critical thinking? Who? I’ll kill ’em.

My husband told Joel he needed a moment to think about it and left the room. When Paul returned he told Joel that the Easter Bunny sometimes is soooooo busy, he gives the parents a “Do It Yourself Kit” – if you will. So, the EB left all the stuff but Mom and Dad were responsible for assembly.

Paul is so smooth.

It appears my son didn’t fully buy his father’s clever, yet completely untrue reason… so he came to me. With leftover candy bag in hand he asked, “Mom? If there is an Easter Bunny why did he leave the candy… YOU are the Easter Bunny – aren’t you *big, big, big, big grin* He really thought he had me.

“Oh honey. The Easter Bunny just had some extra candy and decided to leave it here for us to enjoy. Isn’t he so sweet????”

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