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by | Jul 7, 2010 | Artsy Craftsy, General, Parenting/Family | 9 comments

1) I am addicted to the Hipstamatic App on my beloved iPrecious II.

mirror image

2) I put ketchup on my fried eggs.

3) But not my scrambled eggs.

4) Cuz that’s grody.

5) I lost the first round of the big all-school spelling be(e) in 5th grade. The word? Kitchen. I forgot the “t”. I knew there was a “t”.

6) I have always been nervous on stage.

7) But the more I am on stage, the less nervous I feel.

8) I totes would make it past the first round of a 5th grade spelling be now.

9) I think I am in love with my cowgirl hat (see pic above). No make-up, no washing of the hair for 3 days – NO PROBLEM!

10) I love my kids. Lu-HUV. The crazy, insanity makers that they are… I love the living daylights out of my babies. I think they are the best little people ever. And also the messiest. And most inquisitive. And relentless.


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