The Bowling Circle: Family Tradition

by | Dec 28, 2011 | Parenting/Family | 6 comments

It’s like a drum circle.

Except it’s not at all like a drum circle.

Every time my parents come for a visit, or we go visit my parents… and always during Christmas holiday visits… we drop a serious wad at the bowling alley.

Did you bowling is not cheap?


But we do it. Because it is fun. And it is tradition. One would never force the sun not to rise, nor would one deny us our family bowling times.

It’s a time where I get to show off my stellar bowling form and overbite that seems to only manifest itself during said times-o-bowling:

my bowling induced overbite

It’s amazing. Despite the terrible focus in that pic… the overbite is undeniable.

I mean, you don’t score a 66 without it…

the scoreMy own mother beat me.


Of course… it wouldn’t be bowling without the food.

The deep-fried plates of why-we-diet-after-the-holidays food…

bowling alley food

You know how smart I am? I am so hard-core that I started counting calories. ON bowling day. Why wait for New Years when you can start on December 27th?

Fool me.

But it worked out O.K. I had 2 mozzarella sticks, one buffalo wing and *doing math without success* nachos. Oh well. All night I have wanted a piece of banana cream pie or chocolate pie or chocolate-covered pretzels… and/or/and some wine. I have slammed back 4 glasses of water instead.

I am a pillar of conviction.

And compromise.

But the thing we love to do at the very end of our winning and losing and teasing and laughing and vein-clogging is take a picture…

The Bowling Circle

Our bowling circle.

We don’t “do” bowling without it.


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