The Big Fall of 2010

by | Jul 16, 2010 | Skillz | 9 comments

It all started innocently enough. A walk to the bathroom along a park sidewalk with my daughter.

As we walked, I teased my friend Katie a few feet away, “Maybe when I get back, I’ll go get us an iced coffee…” We had been hard at work, providing an “adult” presence at drama camp.

{Of course, I had to make this week about me.}

Her delight was clear as she replied, “If you do that — I will kiss YOU!” As Fairy Godmother of camp, she waved her wand and flipped her tutu.

I raised her caffeine-deprived flirtation with a little kick. Or did I throw my hip to the right… Inanycase — while walking… on the edge of a side walk… at a park… holding my daughter’s hand… I bit it.

falling down

The details are foggy as I think back. I just remember that my right foot missed the sidewalk. But rather caught a low-spot in the grass and all of me came tumbling down.


The right ankle crackled… though did not snap or pop. Seems I am not a Rice Krispie after all. As I fell, one word raced through my head.

R A G N A R ! ! !

Other things crossed my mind too: no health insurance, no health insurance, PAIN, and maybe a curse word or two.

I laid there stunned. Then laughed. Then wimpered. Then groaned. I remember hitting the ground with my fist a number of times in an effort to make the pain less pain-y.

I realized I was in the sun and had to ROLL into the shade. After Katie stopped laughing, she got me an ice pack.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, great friends, the passing of an hour, and my huz… I got to the car. But the whole “put your arm over my shoulder” tactic revealed a bit of a hamstring pull in my other leg.


By the time I got home I decided it was just easier to crawl. My huz helped me to the porch and upon my insistence for all the hamstring pain… for the first time in my life… I crawled into my house. Straight to the couch.

A set of crutches from a friend, 2 mega-doses of Ibuprofen and 8 hours have given me hope. I just walked tenderly for a number of steps and am hopeful that I will run in a week.

It has also been said I am crazy.

I feel I need to add —  Katie and I never did get that coffee.


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