The 20th Anniversary of My 16th Birthday

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The first picture is of Lisa and Me.

The 20th Anniversary of My 16th Birthday

I recently declared Myself the President of The Dance Party. Lisa graciously took the position as my VP. One look at the following picture, and there is no arguing that we truly deserve to be the Prez & V.P. of… The Dance Party. We hold nothing back. No. Thing. I mean – she’s not even touching the ground, and somehow I managed to NOT put my own eye out!

Every time I look at this picture I nearly pee My pants.

Some very important girls made BIG efforts to make it to the 20th anniversary of My 16th birthday. My friend Casey came all the way from Arizona! Yeah! She tricked Me, the stinker. We were all set up to do an iChat about an hour before the party – because she said she wouldn’t be able to fly out for the party. Stinker.

At he beginning of our chat, the screen froze and the iChat frame revealed the curtains in My daughter’s room. Being innately insightful, I ran right upstairs to hug that… STINKER!!! 

I started the night out in My cheer uniform (circa 1988), and did a costume change later in the evening. I’ve never done a costume change before. I highly recommend it. My personalities told Me they’d like to do that again sometime.

Lisa & Casey

My sister came to my party too! All the way from the Colorado!

Then there’s My man. A.K.A. — the DJ! 

Have I mentioned I had The. Best. Time. Ever? What? You don’t believe me? You question my judgement? Well, maybe these pics will convince you. Enter: The Disco Ball and fog from the fog machine…

It was the Best. Time. Ever. We had cheerleaders. Cheers… Pyramids… LEGWARMERS.

I. Love. My. Friends.

Hmmm… still not convinced, ehhh? How ’bout THIS!


Even Sunny Crockett couldn’t resist comin’ to My party. Oh, and there was breakdancin’…

Also. Celebrities. Maybe you’ve heard of Boy George… and his girlfriend Cyndi Lauper!

And Kevin Bacon even sent Me a love note. 

Last but certainly not least… my gratitude. I did not put this outstanding example of insanity together on my own. No! I owe a great deal of thanks and gushy-goodness to a number of people…

  • My husband who worked beyond natural and reasonable limits… You rock, baby. 
  • Lisa (my V.P.) consistently called and checked and came over to see what needed to be done… purchased decorations, transported children, and let them sleep at her house. 
  • Mark (my V.P.’s hubby) took pictures! He has a magical eye… Mark, you’re gifted!
  • Grant and Sheila provided the DJ gear… not only did they generously lend incredible equipment –Grant loaded it and drove it to our home, helped set it up AND picked it up! I mean, really!
  • Both Lisa and Paul were in cahoots with Casey — and I can’t imagine celebrating a dancing birthday without her. 
  • My sister… helped clean the grime from my home and and party fluff about the house in the hours leading up to the curtain call.
  • My friends who traveled from Olympia… from Bellingham… from Edmonds… I do not take for granted the extra effort you made to show me some love!
  • Sara and Darren, who also helped clean and decorate – even with baby Lauryn keeping them on their toes!
  • Shawna who brought the makings for butter shots, and Cindy who brought my most coveted dip for my Ruffles potato chips. I do not take passions fulfilled for granted…
  • Parking guys! I was downstairs dancing or eating – to all the fellas that helped get cars parked in a strategic way – you know you rock!
  • Presents! From folks who made the party and even those who did not! My gosh. As much as I go on and on and on (and on) about Myself… I really am not worthy. But I accept!


I am blessed to have these friends in my life… friends who indulge my need to be ridiculous, friends who not only let ME be ridiculous, but play along with all their hearts too. Friends who love me as I am, see my faults, and just keep on persevering. I have no idea why… but I am so glad they do…


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