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by | Aug 21, 2006 | Health | 4 comments

I was much more pleased with my times at the Seattle Danskin women’s triathlon.

I did make a few changes from my last last triathlon – like drinking much more water the day before. AND wearing shorts for biking and running instead of capris, and not losing my water bottle at the beginning of the bike leg, and getting coffee before the race, and eating more carbs, and getting in many more electrolytes before and during the race, and taking the transitions a bit easier (let my body catch it’s breath a bit), and filling up my tires so they weren’t 1/4 flat, and walking up the steep hill instead of killing myself trying to go hard the entire distance, and I didn’t have a glitch with my swim suit, and I got more sleep the night before too…

This time, I held the cold chills off until the last 1.5 miles of the run. I only felt like dying/vomiting the last .1 of the run.

I had cramps for just a short time, and never a stomach ache. My time was cut by nearly 8.5 minutes from the Luna!

Here are the times recorded for number 3048:

Swim (1/2 mile): 14:32 (135/3965)
1st Transition: 5:51
Bike (12 miles): 45:24 (16.3 mph and 1881/3965)
2nd Transition: 3:05
Run/Exaggerated Walk (3.1 miles): 29:51 (pace of 9:37 and 1037/3965)
Overall Time: 1:38:45 (981 of 3965)

Oh, number 3048 – that’s me 🙂 981 or 3965… it’s not first, but it’s not terrible!

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