That one time I met Katie Couric, Jean Enersen, AND Meeghan Black.

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One day, I opened up my email and there was a little invite from King 5 in Seattle to go to a Fall programming preview event.

Oh, and Katie Couric was gonna be there.

No big.

So I made my RSVP.

On the day of, I got to the Seattle side an hour before I had to be at the station… so I had coffee at the home of the Velvet Foam.


coffee in Seattle
Speaking of coffee, I watched this video of Katie Couric’s about coffee… It seems she appreciates a good foam. Katie, next time you’re in town… let’s go to Uptown Espresso. MY TREAT.

Ya know, since we’re so close now…

Katie Couric and Jenny Ingram

I kinda look like a deer caught in the headlights.

And poor posture.

Shame on me.

Aaaanywho… I may or may not have been too amped up on coffee.

Actually I was. I had lots of coffee and not enough food and I was pretty shaky.

I tried to get my signature self-shot of my friend Jean (Jean Enersen) and me…

Jean Enersen and Jenny Ingram
but I was so darn shaky, my friend Louise had to take it for me. Thanks Louise!

That Jean was so sweet. She was super-concerned about my failure to nourish myself. She insisted on finding me food. I insisted she NOT find me food. I practically had to grab her by the arm to keep her from tracking down a roll for me. Bless her.

Seriously. I should have been embarrassed but I was too shaky to remember to feel embarrassed. I told Jean I would get food as soon as I left. Since she was going to be interviewing Katie (remember Katie, my friend…) in the next 5 minutes, I felt her time would be better spent not finding me a roll.

But before Katie and the roll-seeking incident I met Meeghan Black too – the host of Evening Magazine.

She was very nice to me even though I basically told her I wanted her job and to watch her back.

Meeghan Black and Jenny Ingram
I kid.

I don’t kid.

I want to host Evening Magazine.

And the Oscars.


Yadda, yadda…

Why was Katie Couric in town???

Katie is spreading the word about her new show – Katie. It premieres September 10th. It seems Katie is looking forward to a gig that will give her the chance to not only talk about issues (from technology to teens to health and wellness and cancer)… but it will give her a chance to connect with people in way similar to her Today Show days.

When Jean Enersen asked about what things her show would cover she said, “I’m 5 miles wide and 1/2 inch deep.”

I had to laugh… that’s how I feel about my blog.

Seriously. A Jenny of all trades master of none.

Unrelated, Jenny On the Spot would be a GREAT name for a talk show, no? Or a REGULAR SEGMENT on a talk show.

I digress…

Also at the event were some pretty rad bloggers.

Lousie, Me, Tonya and Katie at King 5 Seattle

(Lousie of MomStart, Me, Tonya Mosely of New Naturalista, & Katie of Being 5)

So I think in this picture I was all, “Hey! Is that Dennis Bounds?!”

In any case… it was a fun morning. There was no guarantee given that we’d get to meet Katie, so it was a treat to have had the chance. Basically the meeting went like this:

Me: Hi Katie, I’m Jenny! (I forgot to tell her I am On The SPot and such, which would suggest I am less on the spot than I would like to be…)

Katie: Hi Jenny!

Me: I see you are soeaking at BlogHer in New York next week, I’M GOING TO BE THERE TOO!

Katie: Yes I am, I’m excited!

And then we took a picture.

Alllllll glamour allllll the time.


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