Thanksgiving Day Tradition: Family Reunion #PirateThanksgiving

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The Thanksgiving season be upon us, yarrr…. which be meaning tis time to observe thee FAMILY TRADITIONS and FAMILY REUNION!

Today, I am partnering with Pirate’s Booty so it only seems prudent I throw in some piratey speak – lest I be ordered to walk the plank!

As the mother of a family that has been long-time fans of Pirate’s Booty it seemed only natural to join with them to share a beloved family Thanksgiving Day Tradition. FURTHERMORE… they will be joining in on the national tradition we all know as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year!

Thanksgiving Day Tradition: Family Reunion #Pirate Thanksgiving

By the way… you could win a 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade NYC prize from Pirate’s Booty just for sharing YOUR family tradition! Check out how here.

Speaking of Pirate’s Booty, we have been long time fans of Pirate’s Booty snack; but we recently discovered the Mac & Cheese…

Thanksgiving Day Tradition: Family Reunion #Pirate ThanksgivingAnd since it’s Pirate’s Booty Mac & Cheese, it seems only appropriate to don a pirate-y tattoo sleeve and head scarf.

Thanksgiving Day Tradition: Family Reunion #Pirate ThanksgivingBut I think I was going to share about tradition… our Thanksgiving Day Family Reunion Tradition!

Well… every year that we have Thanksgiving in our home (which seems to be most years since 2007) we force invite our family and friends to write in our Thanksgiving Journal.

Thanksgiving Day Tradition: Family Reunion #Pirate ThanksgivingShiver me timbers, there is little more delightful than opening up a book and seeing the handwriting… and reading the words of dear family and friends who have spent the Thanksgiving holiday with us. Some write silly things. Some write just a little. Some write a whole lot…

Thanksgiving Day Tradition: Family Reunion #Pirate ThanksgivingI don’t keep up on photo journals, so having a written journal to look back on is a special treasure. Reading the thankful thoughts of our friends and family written year after year is such a treasure. The years cause memories to fade so it’s pretty wonderful to look back and remember which friends and family have joined in on our celebration of Thanksgiving.

This little tradition has made me even MORE thankful on Thanksgiving. And as the kids grow, their interest in keeping the tradition going grows as well. Especially since they can ALL read now! They love looking through and remembering sweet Thanksgivings we have enjoyed and who we have enjoyed them with.

I can’t wait to crack open the journal for this year…

Thanksgiving Day Tradition: Family Reunion #Pirate ThanksgivingAnd  of course we’ll watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I’m rather excited to see what the Pirate’s Booty folks have planned!


Thanksgiving Day Tradition: Family Reunion #Pirate Thanksgiving*This post is sponsored. All opinion is mine. Garrr!

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