Thankfulness and Stuff

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If you are reading this on Thanksgiving Day, then it’s Thanksgiving.

If you are reading this on a day other than Thanksgiving Day… then it is not Thanksgiving.

Now that I’ve made the timeline clear, how about a clever title?


Thanksgiving brings about lots of thoughts on thankfulness.


And I have nothing clever to to help improve or make this topic more exciting.

Simply put… I am thankful too. At first I thought I would fill a post with pictures from the year… pictures of things I am thankful for. Instead I’ve decided to only go back a few weeks.

Not because I am not thankful for the year, but,

  1. I am not that organized.
  2. I am not that motivated.
  3. I do not have the time to go through a year of photos.
  4. There are no rules, so I guess I can do what I want.
  5. If there are rules, I don’t know what they are.
  6. I am not opposed to rules.
  7. I am terribly forgetful.
  8. I am terribly forgetful.

On this Thanksgiving, 2013… I look back on recent photos of the life I am living and I am reminded of the things I have to be thankful for…

Like coffee, and cute mugs from friends in which to drink it from.

I am thankful for ferries because I live on a peninsula… ON A PENINSULA.

Let me rephrase… The peninsula on which I live is also on a peninsula. Does that make it a peninsulii?

I am thankful for the unicorn gangster.

I mean, WHO ISN’T?

I am thankful for people who are thankful…

(This was a sign posted outside a local store. One of 3… People just went up and wrote about their thankfulnesses!)

I am thankful for naps.

(I got this hoodie here.)

Ah, the thankfulness.

I am thankful my children are brave… I was always too nervous to take the stage like they do. I guess I thankful AND proud…

(Livi as Grace Ferrell in Annie)
(Lucy as Pepper in Annie – the blue sweater)

I am thankful for Wonder Woman, Season 1.

I am thankful that even though I drive a messy minivan, I am so stinking cool.

I’m kidding. Ish.

It’s called photo filters.

Anything can look cool when filtered.

I am thankful for my silly family…

MOST of the time…

I guess I am even thankful for shoes that don’t quite make it into the shoe bin. Shoes are a privilege, not a right.

Think about it. It’s true.

I am thankful my kids have shoes and plenty of them.

I am thankful for blurry pictures…


Actually, blurry pictures bother me, but it’s all about perspective. My blurriest photos are of my children. My children are busy. They dance, they play, they live in the moment… which means they are not always happy to pause for pictures. But they are happy and curious and kind and full of zest for life. I am thankful for these days… blurry pictures and all.

I am also thankful for friends and wine and grace and comedians and paid invoices and stuff.


Thankfulness, thankfulness, thankfulness… and stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends…


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