Tattle Tale. Tail?

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I’m going to tell on myself.

I help in my girls’ssss ‘sss classes once a week.

I won’t win any volunteerism awards, but I got that one award in 2nd grade  for a story I wrote (and 2 dollars!) (or was it 5th grade?) (I got a writing award in 8th grade too) (I got a different on in 2nd grade for being a good human being) (Oh, and my proudest achievement was the one I got for keeping a clean desk!)


I was working on division flash cards with a student and a friend of mine walked by. We chatted for a moment… and I said, “CRAP!”

Because I am all kinds of classy and APPROPRIATE IN SCHOOL.

Immediately, my eyes fell upon the sweet young learner in front of me… I slapped my hand over my mouth and apologized to the young mind sitting before me… ready to learn and prove her division skills.

Did I mention the time last week when I ran into friends… and their young daughter asked me how many GRANDCHILDREN I had.

< choke, cough >

Her mom then advised me not to stand up because her daughter has also been asking about babies in bellies. I don’t think my ego could have survived… SO I STAY ON MY SITTER.

But I digress… Division and the poison of my mouth…

I apologized  for my slip of the tongue and the girl said, “Oh. It’s OK. It’s really, really, really OK… I have heard MUCH worse come out of my dad’s mouth. MUCH WORSE.”

And in that moment I felt a kinship with her father.

And an appreciation for the human condition parents all share.


With that, we moved onto division flashcards.

An aside… I have been doing multiplication and division flashcards up to 12 so very much… I can do them upside down, y’all!

I AM mathy

I don’t mean to brag, but if I ever have a do a division/multiplication flash card challenge on my head to defend my life – I would TOTES live. I could save your life too.

12 x 12? YOU DON’T SCARE ME. I can solve you while standing on my head.

< gang sign here >


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