Taking pictures behind people’s backs.

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I forgot to return the tube

That is a picture of one of those bank tubes in my car.

Apparently I took my receipt, laid the tube in the passenger seat, and drove off.

I am all kinds of awesome.

I did take it back. There’s a big difference between a thief and an idiot.


Not only have I taken pictured of “stolen” bank tubes, but I’ve noticed I have been taking pictures of unsuspecting strangers lately…

big, awesome green purse

I thought I was being all stealthy with this picture. UNTIL MY FLASH WENT OFF.

I just thought the purse was covet-worthy and I took a picture.


And how fun is that big ol’ green purse???!!!

Another picture I took recently was of a man. A man who was hogging the Ms. Pac-Man game on the ferry.

Chillin' on the ferry
(See him up top there, hoggin’ my game?)

You see, I was on the ferry. A 35 minute ride – SANS CHILDREN.

It dawned on me – I could play that game! I had quarters and no grubby hands to share that joystick with. When I looked up, HE was there. Can you feel my evil eye right now?


That man played MY game for approximately 31 of the 35 minute ferry passing period.

I did not have the nerve to ask him to STEP OFF.

I am way more of a bad-as….tronaut in my head

So, I found my earphones and cranked up some Prince, Robert Palmer, Janet Jackson, Club Nouveau and Digital Underground.

I am a mix-mastah! You know you want to come to MY pity party!

I walked off the ferry blasting DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Parents Just Don’t Understand because I was feeling all dissed and sulky about not getting to play Ms. Pac-Man.

I think that helped. The Fresh Prince ALWAYS helps…


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