Taking a moment…

My “baby”… this kid:

stop it with the growing!

Turned 12 today.

he's 12

Punk kid.

I need to take a moment.

I don’t know which is harder, realizing I am old enough to have a 12 year old or realizing I am old enough to have a 12 year old the fact that my “baby” is not a baby.

Punk kid.

Heaven help me. I love that kid almost more than I can bear. I am so proud and so freaked-out and all kinds other emotions. Those baby books never described this.

Babies are only babies for mere months. Then they turn 12.


Punk kid.

Awesome kid.

Love you, Punk.


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4 Responses to “Taking a moment…”

  1. kerry says:

    Happy birthday punk kid! Stay as awesome as you are. X x

  2. trish says:

    I just wanna pitch that punk face.

  3. Funny! They grow so fast. You wonder where the time went. Then you wish for the young days when they depended on you for everything. AWW! Those were good. Now they’re meeting new people, seeing and hearing all kinds of crap. It is crazy! Don’t work yourself up into a Frenzy it will be okay. He knows you love him and he I loves you back.

  4. Isn’t it amazing that, no matter how old they get (and how dare they!!), you can still see a glimpse of the little boy they were in their faces? Happy birthday to your punk kid! I hope he had a fantastic day. My own baby has the audacity to turn 14 in a couple months. I find this impossible!

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