Take It On Tuesday: Working With Chalk Paint (or my intention to)

I feel like I keep saying this, but… I recently moved.

And what happens when a woman moves her nest?


Though the new place is smaller than the old place, the old place had A LOT more windows. Which means, I have a lot of blank walls to work with.

But I am not using chalk paint on my walls.

What I am trying to tell you is, I AM NESTING AND I WANT TO PAINT ALL THE THINGS.

I would really love to paint the walls, but since this is a rental, I have not garnered the nerve to ask if we might give a few walls a bit of a face lift.

Nor have I asked if I can remove the pear border on the kitchen walls.

A home tour is coming soon. Pinky swear. You don’t want to miss the 1982 peach, shell wall paper in the main bathroom…

Hitherhencetofore, I am directing my attention to things not attached to the house. Like candlesticks, benches, and buffets…

Kevin made an appearance in that video.



He is like a ninja shapeshifter.

He can get through holes so tiny not even a strand of thread can get through.

But he’s 80 pounds.



Oh yeah, and he’s so cool he thinks he doesn’t have to look at me when I talk to him.


That is literally Kevin literally not caring and probably planning his next shapeshifting event.

He KNOWS when we are watching him too.

You see, he’s been escaping from the yard lately. There are now 100 million% no loose boards for him to squeeze through and we’ve been trying to find out WHERE THE EVERLOVING WHERE he has been escaping through/over/under.

But he plays it soooooooo cool. And the moment we lean back – he’s OUT.

This has nothing to do with chalk paint, by the way. It’s just on my mind and you guys are kind of like my personal therapistsses and I am just sitting on a couch, typing this therapeutic vent to you.

Venting about my dog.

I have become THAT woman.

Who needs therapy because of her dog.



Yeah. So.


With this stuff you don’t have to strip or sand or do voodoo over the piece you want to refinish.

And I like that.

I also LOVE this color… Annie Sloan’s Provence. It’s delicious.

I mean that in a visual sense, delicious. I have not tasted it.

Oh, BUT… another cool thing about chalk paint – virtually no fumes! It’s winter and I sat on my dining room floor with windows closed and painted a bench.

I think I love working with chalk paint.

If you watched the video, you will know the candlestick and bench are my testers. I am moving on to painting the buffet in my dining room. A more complete how-to on using chalk paint will birth from that baby.

Have YOU ever refinished a large piece of furniture? How did you do it? Did you lose your mind?

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4 Responses to “Take It On Tuesday: Working With Chalk Paint (or my intention to)”

  1. Jen says:

    Very cool, m’friend….so….what color are you going to do the buffet? I have a HUGE antique-ey (like your buffet) desk that I would love to bring to the 21st century, but I’m afraid I’m going to totally screw it up. I’m thinking of a darkish maroon. Hmmmm….

  2. Andrea says:

    I have chalkboard painted 2 HUGE things…sooo easy and fast and I swear the sloppier the better…this paint was made for me!! I did try and make my own too…that was dumb..don’t do it. Wax! Don’t be afraid of the wax! It is magic!!

  3. Yvone says:

    Love this, stuff just painted my kitchen cabinets with it needed 3 cans lots of cabinets in ch√Ęteau grey then waxed. They look devine got a buffet to do and coffee table go the lounge in old ochre, so in love with this paint no prep, no sanding just paint one coat normally enough then wax. Fabulous.

  4. Jenn says:

    I chalk painted a nightstand that I curbside picked. My son saw the practice pieces I did at a chalk painting class, and asked for a two-toned effect. I base painted it in blue and top painted in green and sanded the edges so the blue peeked through.

    It turned out AWESOME.

    But here is a hint – put the hardware you take off someplace safe, but not SO safe that you can’t find it.
    Like I did. And it’s an old piece, so I can’t find drawer pulls to match up to the holes. Oops.

    I LOVE that I don’t have to sand. LOVE. Can’t wait to see what else you try!

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