Take It On Tuesday: We’re Grilling Up Some Baby Back Ribs!

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Confession: we (my husband and I) have never grilled our own ribs.

Well, we have if you count the pre-packaged, pre-seasoned/sauced ribs. And we feel that is the cheater way. Though they are great in a pinch or moment of craving, but there is nothing like rolling up your sleeves and making them all on your own.


In February I got to interview two fun guys who are well-known for their grill mastership – Chris Lilly and Ray Lampe (Dr. BBQ!). I learned a whole lot about making great ribs from those two fellas, and kind-of got in the middle of a fight…

O.K. not really, just lively BBQ philosophy banter. Chris is a sauce guy. Ray… rub. But both agree that ribs must me cooked slow. So I (and my husband) took the advice of both.. I think you’ll get a lot from their advice too. Take a look!

Having trouble viewing? You can also view it here.


For today’s Take It On Tuesday video, I teamed up with my husband. He usually leads the charge when it comes to grilling at home. Though I have come into my own when it comes to taking on the grill, my guy just loves grilling… it’s an art and I’d even say a form of relaxation for him. And probably a source of pride as well. How can it not be when the meat comes off the grill and everybody can’t stop praising you and your grilling prowess…

Having trouble viewing this video – click here to view on YouTube.

So tell me… Do you prefer sauce or rub? How do you feel about cooking on the grill? If you are a griller, what is your favorite piece of advice to give? And what, pray-tell is your favorite thing to cook on the grill??? Have you noticed the new labeling for pork cuts in your grocer’s meat case?

So many questions!

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