Take It On Tuesday: Water Marble Nail Art

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Let me just first disclose: I AM NOT A NAIL POLISH WEARING GIRL.

It’s not that I don’t WANT to… Nay. It’s because 1) I paint my own nails like with the acuity of a four year old. 2) My nails reject polish like some people reject organ transplants. Nail polish refuses to stay on my nails for more than a few hours.

I have much better success with my toenails. However, they do require professional intervention. See also: paints my own nails like with the acuity of a four year old.


I don’t mind a good challenge. Which is why Take It On Tuesday was born. And though I was unable to give my nail polish in this video a life longer than a half a day… I think it turned out fun and if you are a nail polish-type person – this could be fun for you!

In the video I referred to this as tie dye nails, but there is neither tie-ing nor dying. This is total marbling and I apologize for misspeaking… Therefore, I give to you WATER MARBLE NAIL ART!

(Video doesn’t work? Click here to watch on YouTube.)

In case you missed any of those instructions, I am going to type them out a little so you not only have the visual, but you have written directions as well.

You will need:

  • – White nail polish and assorted colors
  • – Tape (Scotch, Magic, etc…)
  • – Cotton swabs
  • – toothpicks
  • – Bowl (one you don’t mind getting messy/destroyed)
  • – Room temp water
  • – Nail polish remover
  • – A patient attitude

Water Marble Nail Art supplies via @jennyonthespotPaint your nails with the white polish. Then…. ya just tape off your nails, loosen your polish lids/brushes and then one nail at a time… plop several colors of nail polish into the water (one color at a time) (this is where watching the video can be very helpful)… use a toothpick to make your polish plops marble-like, dip your the top of your nail on the the puddle of polish, lift your finger and swirl and retrieve the remaining polish in the bowl with your toothpick.


Let dry.

Remove tape.

Admire again.

Bada boom, bada bing… MARBLED NAILS! Even if your nails are no longer than your teenage son’s…

Water Marble Nail Art via @jennyonthespot

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