Take It On Tuesday: The Seattle Gum Wall

Yep. The family and I went to the Gum Wall in Seattle.

My parents are in town and we had never taken them there. Heck, we have only been there once before!

So we hiked on over to Pike Place Market from the ferry and visited the Gum Wall.

When we were there about a year ago, I couldn’t bring myself to add gum to the wall… though I did add googly eyes. But this time I took on contributing my own chewed gum, and it was all caught on video…

Have you ever been to Seattle? Have ever been to the gum wall?

Don’t you think walls of gum are gross?

I sure do. But you can’t come to Seattle and not leave your mark… on the Gum Wall.


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6 Responses to “Take It On Tuesday: The Seattle Gum Wall”

  1. mona says:

    I performed a show in the market place theater, right where the wall is, and I came out after my set and saw some workers power washing the gum off because I guess it’s too much and extending far beyond the wall. So you think it’s gross, imagine the piles of gum gunk I had to walk past.

  2. Michelle says:

    How was the Schwarma??
    I couldn’t put my gum on the gum wall *gag*, but our girls loved it!
    You are one brave lady.

  3. Desiree Fawn says:

    Ha! Ok, I didn’t even know this existed. I might have to add it to my Life List 😉

  4. Jo says:

    Now see, had your mom been wearing a sweat band, she totes woulda rocked that gum walls world, it woulda never even seen her coming… like a ninja…. 😉

  5. Dangit we didn’t do this and I’ve been there twice! But I’m glad I took it on with you!! 😉 I’ll have to do this if we ever move there! 🙂

    Way to rock the gum wall Jenny!

  6. Lucrecer says:

    Nasty! I imagine the smell and the germs. Nasty!

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