Take It On Tuesday! Surviving the Wild (or my own backyard) Part 2

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Life, Take It On Tuesday, Video | 2 comments

It’s time! Time for Part TWO of my Take It On Tuesday! Surviving the Wild (or my own backyard)!

I did make it back home.


I could have written/uploaded to YouTube had I died/been kidnapped by honey badgers (or bunnies) in my own back 40.

You want to know something funny?

It’s more funny in an ironic sense of the word than in a ::hahaha:: sort-of way.

After my husband saw part one, he looked at me and said, “I CAN’T BELIEVE you went THAT way!”

I was all, “Whu?”

He was all, “The other side HAS A PATH.”

Of course the word “path” is used loosely, BUT STILL. Probably no ravines made of overgrown blackberry bushes.



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