Take It On Tuesday: Of Headstands and Headstands

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It’s been awhile since the last Take It On Tuesday… I know.

So how about headstands and headstands?!

Headstands and handstands. Eeek.

But seriously, I have no excuse except for the excuse of all excuses: LIFE.

Funny. I think the last Take It On Tuesday was the one about me starting to homeschool.

Oh it’s all starting to make sense now…

Take about headstands and handstands.

But I digress. I recently hit up my peopleĀ over there on Facebook for Take It On Tuesday ideas.

My people are the best. The BEHST.

Are you my people on the FB?


I want to thank Alissa Enders of Clever Compass for the idea for today’s Take It On Challenge… HANDSTANDS.


And I threw in headstands too. Because I’m a giver.

And quite possibly a poor decider.

Handstanding. Headstanding.

See also: lifetime of shoulder pain.

Trouble viewing this video? You can also view it here.

I may or may not be feeling the effects of this in my right shoulder and… my spine. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

An aside: if you are or were a professional gymnast – please know I know. I. KNOW. My form is atrocious. But do I at least get an A for effort?

What did you think about it when my little Lucy was all, “SQUEEZE YOUR BUTT!” And then my silly husband.

Husbands are so silly.

Now that that Take It On Tuesday is complete… what should I take on next? I will never say never, but I feel pretty safe in saying I will never jump out of a plane. And I will never eat bugs.


But I will do headstands and hand stands in my backyard. And explore my backyard. Did you ever see the time and the time I explored the nether regions of my backyard?

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