DIY Macramé Garland

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It’s Take It On Tuesday and did I take something on…


Macramé garland | DIY yarn garland |
I made this HUGE macramé yarn swag. Macramé yarn garland?

macramé yarn garland via @jennyonthespot

NINE FEET of said yarn swag/garland.

When in Rome!

Go big or go home!

Etc and whathaveyou.

I went with the greens because St. Patty’s Day is at hand and green is an awesome color, so there.

I wandered the yarn aisles at Joann Fabrics until I found the perfect pairings of yarns. Blues and yellows and what does blue and yellow make? GREEN!

macramé yarn garland via @jennyonthespot

And sequins.

sequin ribbon


macramé yarn garland via @jennyonthespot

This was not my original idea; I was inspired by this post here.

Though this is pretty easy, as far as craft things go… it takes some time. But not advanced skill. Therefore, it was a perfect fit for me.

The first thing you do is cut a long length of yarn (depending on the space your creation will live). I used about 9 feet.

If you choose to bead, add your beads first.

And the pin the length of yarn to the wall.

Cut 2-3 feet strands of your assortment of yarns (mine measured about 3 feet), and lay yarn strands over base strand. In between beads if you chose to use beads.

macramé yarn garland via @jennyonthespot

Then tie strands to base strand. But leave the outer strand alone. For now.

macramé yarn garland via @jennyonthespot

To start the second row, take outer strand and… well… here’s a picture.

macramé yarn garland via @jennyonthespot

And then keep on tying until you have created row 2.

macramé yarn garland via @jennyonthespot

Repeat for row 3.

macramé yarn garland via @jennyonthespot

Once your rows are complete – fuss with spacing and such.

And then trim. If you watch the video, you will see I was neither scientific nor terribly obsessive about the trimming process. I just did it.

You can too.

And voila! A macramé yarn garland.

A macramé yarn swag.

Call it what you will, I think it is fun and adds a little something fun and different to my home décor.

And there are sparkles in it. So it’s almost like having my very own disco ball.


*Originally crafted March 2015*


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