Take It On Tuesday: In which I take-on the quad. AKA… FOUR WHEELING(ish)!

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You read that right… I took on our quad! I went FOUR WHEELING (ish) in our own backyard for Take It On Tuesday!

I'm driving the quad!!! @jennyonthespot We have had the quad for over a year. My dad passed it on to us when they moved.

The kids and the husband have all made their rounds on it. But I just haven’t ever made the effort.

They have the quad. I have Pinterest. I decided my neglect/avoidance was lame.

How can I consider myself a fun person but not be willing to stir up some dirt??? So, for this Take It On Tuesday, I take on – THE QUAD.


I probably need to ride it a bit more often to build up my nerve as far as speed goes, but what fun… right?

fun on the quad. @jennyonthespot

Is there something in your own backyard/garage/basement/closet that you haven’t taken the time to experience?

Another thing on my take-on list is to explore is the back 2/3 of my property. I’ve lived here 6 years and have never set foot beyond the clearing.

Most because I’m afraid of blackberry bushes and coyotes. And ground bees.

I bet there are ground bees out there… ::flinches::

I also would like to take on changing a tire.

I also want to learn how to bake bread… sans bread maker. I am afraid of yeast.

Oh gosh. Have you seen Gentlemen Broncos?

Oh dear… YEAST.


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