Take It On Tuesday – Homeschooling and an interview with le student!

Though I made the formal announcement yesterday, I felt it appropriate to also make a video about this new adventure… taking on homeschooling.

But I don’t give tips.

Or advice.


I do ask for prayer though…

And we are off. We are still in a bit of a holding pattern as I wait for yet another call back.

It’s hard … to know I am at the start line, yet not really have a path.

It’s like starting a race with 15,000 people. You hear the gun go off but you can’t move yet. You know you are going to start, but…

Want to see a picture of our first day?

Lucy hard at work via @jennyonthespot
And this was day 2.

Body Art 101 via @jennyonthespot
I think the Body Art 101 class is going very well, don’t you?


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One Response to “Take It On Tuesday – Homeschooling and an interview with le student!”

  1. Angela Ambroise says:

    Hi, I found you from watching the Webinar that Holly did!

    Congratulations on homeschooling. I have 7 a 19 yob, 18 yog, 16, yob, 13, yog, 11 yog, 10 yob, 9 yog. I’ve always homeschooled. I love it, but it gets hard at times, but always rewarding. I will keep you in my prayers.

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