Take It On Tuesday: First Ride With Teen Driver

You read that right.

I have a teen driver.

Granted, he doesn’t have his license yet, but HE IS DRIVING.

I took video of my first ride with my teen driver because 1) I took video of him eating his first birthday cake… hitherhencetofore I took video of our first drive with him behind the wheel and 2) To show other parents that such an event does not guarantee a heart attack – not matter how convinced you are.

My son will have a solid 11 months to get some experience in before he can get his official license. Which means, my husband and I have lots more drives with our son, which means the next 11 months will not be our most stress-free.

Now, I feel the need to note – Joel is doing an excellent job.

But the thing is, I have been driving since I was 15.5.. the day I got my license I took off to my 45 minutes away school in THICK FOG.

Neither my dad nor I can believe he let me do that, yet I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley (Central Cali) and if you know SJV, you know fog in the Fall is a sure as sun in the summer.

Fastforward a lifetime and now my own child is taking the wheel, and I am in the seat my dad once sat and realize… to be a good driver… you have to drive.

To date, this is the biggest act of letting go in my parenting history, and I am still in the car with him.

Many have gone before me… many will come after.

Going through this experience should leave me with some advice or insight for those who are witnessing this with babes in arms who will blink and one day find themselves in the passenger seat.

My advice:

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One Response to “Take It On Tuesday: First Ride With Teen Driver”

  1. Jenn says:

    OMG I love you.
    And that boy. BLESS HIM.

    My mom has been taking my nephew out driving (his dad has ZERO patience) and she confesses that she does not remember going out driving with us AT ALL.
    I think we got our licenses and were in the car on our own and that is that.

    I think his checklist is an awesome idea.
    And he is a saint for letting you film it. HA!

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