Take It On Tuesday – Does Lipstick Mask Dark Under Eye Circles, or…

A few weeks ago there was this big hullabaloo (sp?) about using lipstick to help cover dark eye circles.

It sounded crazy pants to me… and being the Take It On Tuesday-er that I am, I thought – THIS IS TAKE-ON-ABLE… Can lipstick mask dark under eye circles?


Honestly, I kinda feel like Dana Scully when I venture in my Take It Ons to debunk (or prove) beauty hacks or DIY projects… sans the really creepy sci-fi-ness…

I learned a number of things from this:

1) Lipstick around the eyes without concealer looks REAL scary.

Does Lipstick Mask Dark Under Eye Circles

2) As poorly skilled in the application of make-up as I am… it still helps to put it on.

Does Lipstick Mask Dark Under Eye Circles

3) My lights in my bathroom are very flickery.

4) I should get make-up lessons.

5) I think my eye problem is less dark circles, and more odd puffiness.

6) Since this video, now when I put on make-up, I can tell the difference between using lipstick on my eyes and not and I think the lipstick does make a difference. And I now add a little hot pink to the coral. It needed a bit more kapow.

The problem is… putting lipstick around your eyes just takes more time. Not that much more time. But more time.

Which can be an issue.



So. Have you tried this little trick? Had you heard of this little trick before? Do you think you will try this? Do you have any advice for me and my puffy under-eyes?


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4 Responses to “Take It On Tuesday – Does Lipstick Mask Dark Under Eye Circles, or…”

  1. Lisa says:

    Ohhhhh… gonna try!

  2. Sheenah says:

    Never ever EVER would have thought this would work. Of course, I am make up challenged! Gonna give it a try

  3. Lucrecer says:

    Get the what the heck?!

  4. Andrea says:

    You so crazy! And adorbs! I use this trick ON MY WHOLE FACE TO hide my freckles…boy…wouldn’t that feel light and natural?!?! 🙂

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