Tailgating with Pork: Tailgate Party Time!

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Do you remember when, almost 2 weeks ago, I shared with you the recipe to my Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Nachos?

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Nachos via @jennyonthespot #tailgating with Pork

Do you remember all the tailgate party yummies I scored at Kroger affiliate, QFC?

Tailgate food bought at Kroger

*Thanks to the National Pork Board and Kroger for sponsoring this post and allowing me to share my love for partying*

Do you remember the tailgate giveaway too?

Tailgate Party Giveaway

So fun, right?

(Congratulations to Jessie! She is the winner of this awesome Tailgate party Giveaway!!!)

Speaking of party… we had a tailgate party here at home. We had to keep it indoors… being inhabitants of the Pacific NorthWET that’s something we have to do sometimes. Or a lot of times. OH THE RAIN HOW IT HAMPERS TAILGATING ON ACTUAL TAILGATES.

But that won’t stop us from assembling our pulled pork nachos on game day!

Tailgate party foods

We had pre-nacho snacks and of course, nachos…

tailgate party nachos - everyone has their own nacho personality!

You know what? A plate of nachos are like finger prints… no one is alike!

Do you have your own nacho personality? Do you pile the ingredients on top of your chips, or do you keep your chips to the side? Do you like to go spicy or mild? Beans or no beans? Sour cream? Olives? ONIONS? I like it all.

What makes for a successful game day party?

1) Good people

2) Plenty of yummy food

3) Good people

Decorations are just sprinkles on an iced cake. Ooooh. I should have served cake.

I digress…

While I love a fun, decorated party… as long as my people are there to tell me how good my slow cooker pulled pork nachos are… that’s all I really need to consider a party a complete success. Right?! So whether you deck the halls with team colors or just load the counter with food made to tickle tastebuds… as long as friends are there to share it with, that’s all that matters.

THAT… and friends who humor your big dog who thinks he’s a lap dog but he’s not at all a lap dog.


It’s about the game. More for some than others, but really it’s about being together. It’s about sharing great food, and feeling comfortable enough to yell at the refs be goofy…

friends and parties

And letting your friend post said goofiness on her blog.

Extra awesome ahead!!! Though my giveaway is complete, don’t miss out on a chance to win a $250 Kroger gift card (good at Kroger affiliates across the country) for all your game-day essentials! Follow Pork’s “Tailgating with Pork and Kroger” Pinterest Board and re-pin any recipe image, include the hashtag #TailgatingWithPork in the description. View more complete details here.

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