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I expereinced a major sunbathing fail this weekend.

Like, seriously.

sunbathing fail

I’ve been longing for a lounger for all my life. Literally. I have never owned an outdoor lounger.

But they aren’t cheap, and other things have always been more important.

Like shoes.



Food for the children.

Washi tape.

It has been a bit of a rough few week/months on the personal front. The details don’t matter. What matters is, in an effort to create a little escape for me… since the sun is out and sunshine always makes me feel abnormally optimistic… I searched the walls of the local Walmart for the cheapest lounger.

I could have gone yardsale-ing and gotten a REAL deal, but honestly I needed the relaxation, not the dickering and digging through other folks’ potential treasures.

The first lounger I spied over there at the Walmart was $69.

I moved along… $49… $34… $16.97 – BOOM!

The sticky plastic wouldn’t be a problem… I have towels! No arm rests? I barely use my arms anyway!

I arrived home with my treasure.. my effort and gift to me as I struggled to escape and perhaps finally find perspective in the last weeks and months.

YES, a cheap plastic chair would be the answer!

A little background: My backyard is not flat. Nor free of molehills/gopher holes. This creates issues when one is planning to do something like, say… use a cheap plastic chair to relax in.

Long story short… I put on my swim suit and sun screen. I filled my cup with sparkly water… grabbed a towel and went outside to set up my chair.

I set my cup on the ground, laid the towel on my chair, stepped out of my flip flips and…. sat down.

Er… TRIED to sit down.

As soon as my butt hit the chair I began to fall backwards and and… it all went so fast! My feel were up on the air and then I heard my husband laugh, “Did that just really happen?!” And I was in such an unfortunate spot I could not really help myself up and I pulled my towel over me because then my husband said, “I’m sorry but I have to take a picture first…”

And then he helped me up.

Then he posted the picture on Facebook.

I finally got settled… with help from my husband. Then I got on with the task of texting a few friends to figure out details for the evening-part of the day. A bee landed on my phone and I swooshed my phone-holding hand to the side to get the bee away… then the bee came back and I swooshed again, but this time the phone flew out of my hand and my phone launched across the yard.


As a former California girl… a girl who is well-versed at sun bathing (albeit on a towel on the sand)… I feel the need to apologize to my California sisters. I am an embarrassment. I almost feel I should be banned as California Girl alumni.



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