Styles Mom – A Story for Mother's Day

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Pre-post (like a pre-funk, but not really): The family and I will be heading to Universal Studios in Orlando before too long. We have some decisions to make, help???! What ride, what food, what, what, what…. help here!


It’s Mother’s Day.

I figured I write about about being a mom.

More specifically… A STYLES MOM.

Styles Mom

A few weeks ago, our family was out to breakfast. Nothing fancy. Nothing stylish.

We were at a buffet restaurant. You know, one step up from Chuck E. Get-Me-Out-Of-Here.

Our waitress table attendant half-way greeted us… and stopped in her steps.

To pay me a compliment.

Our waitress table attendant was… frankly…. Intoxicated.

And I was the liquor.

She spoke with an accent. Which always makes anything sound sexier…

“OOOOH! Pink hair! You STYLES MOM!”


I believe I curtsied.

I tossed my hair.

I blushed a little.

And when she left, I turned to my children. I smiled. And then I said, “Did you hear that? I am STYLES MOM. Don’t you forget it.”

I don’t think they will.

Mostly probably because when I wake them up in the morning I turn on their bedroom lights and say, “Good morning! This is Styles Mom!”


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all my fellow Styles Moms out there. Whether you have pink in your hair, wear oversized shades, choose sweats over stilettos, or skip the mascara for garden gloves… We are ALLLLLL Styles Moms!!! Enjoy your kiddos -break or no break. Sometimes kids are a bit more enjoyable when you are thinking about how cute they are while getting a massage though…

I hope you are getting a massage. Or breakfast in bed. Or a phone call. Or a hug that lingers a bit longer… Or just not having to listen to screaming, but not because anybody found the nail polish… we know how THAT story goes…

From me and my crew to yours…

Styles Mom with Styles Kids

Happy Mother’s Day.

I think we are all going to go to brunch. Because Mother’s Day is actually “Let’s all be together day, because it’s YOUR day mom!” So is my birthday. And Valentine’s Day.

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