Stripes, Boots, Tights, and an Orange Scarf. Say THAT 3 Times Fast!

by | Oct 19, 2012 | Style | 4 comments

Or don’t.

You know what is not easy for me…. TITLES.

Thank you for bearing with me. For supporting me. For not making fun of me and my title inadequacies.

To my face.


I like stripes.

And turquoise tights.

If I could wear turquoise tights every day, I prolly would.

I like boots (go FALL!).

And orange.

I’ve been pretty in love with orange lately (have you noticed the new me in my header?).


Stripes, dots, orange scarf, and boots

And polka dots.

I love They.

What are you “into” these days?

Yoga pants?

Skinny jeans?



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