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What does a girl do when she has to go to two weddings in one weekend? Two days in a row, no less?

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She thinks twice as much about what she will wear.

Sure, she could probably wear the same dress. No one would know…

However, that just sounds like a situation an ALL dresses fix from Stitch fix could help resolve!

For my last fix from *Stitch Fix I received a box of dresses. I told them, “I have two weddings to go to over Labor Day weekend. I need dress options!”

And did I get options!


My stylist took all things into consideration (two outdoor weddings – one casual and one semi-formal). AND she took a peek at my Pinterest style boards.

And she nailed it. I loved the textured dresses. It was SO hard to pick just two. I could have gotten them all. I really liked each one! But I needed to keep my goal in mind:

2 weddings = 2 dresses.

So here’s what I went with and how I styled them… 


That wedding up there was on a Sunday afternoon. It was a casual wedding, but I couldn’t resist adding that statement necklace. I considered wearing a dark denim jacket (it was a little chilly), but my teenage daughter said to go with the blue blazer. So I obeyed.


That wedding just above was on Labor Day… I’ve had this other necklace for quite some time and have only worn it a time or two. I was excited to style the dress with the necklace and a favorite pair of wedges.

I chose those particular dresses not only because of the specific events, I also felt like they would be great Fall transitional pieces to add as well.

I have to say… it was hard to let go of the blue eyelet dress. I might like to see that again… maybe next spring?


The red dress was a lot of fun, but felt a little too va-va-voom for either wedding. The patterned wrap dress was sure fun too. But the dresses I chose felt to be the best fit for the upcoming weddings, and great options I will enjoy repeating this Fall.


I have had a number of fixes, but have never asked for all dresses. I really enjoyed exploring one style of clothing and shopping in my own home for that very fun double wedding weekend! Do you think you would every do that – ask for all dresses. Or pants… Or blazers… Or sweaters… Or…

If you are curious about Stitch Fix, you should *check it out here. That is my referral link… just so you know.

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