Still in the basement.

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I am working hard to get the undercarriage of my home back into order.

If you were to come over and check on my progress, you would be all, “PROGRESS???? Honey, you need HOARDERS.”

It’s not so much a “hoarders” sort of issue as much as it is TIME and THINKING. Instead of tossing or filing or placing stuff in an organized location… I just toss stuff to the basement with the thought that thought that the devil likes to use so much, “I’ll get to it.”

In time.

And not to mention The Great File Cabinet and Various Old Business Boxes Migration from the garage to my basement a couple years back… at a time when I was already feeling the press of disoganization…

And I froze.

For a couple of years.


And for the last 4 days I have been sneezing and producing gallons of snot… and I don’t know if it is the Spring and the blooming making me all allergic and whathaveyou or if I AM ALLERGIC TO CLEANING/PURGING/ORGANIZING.

I am certain it is the latter.

Maybe all the dust I am stirring up doesn’t help.



Hey, look what I found in the basement!

turkey hat

Oh yeah. How am I not a paid turkey hat model???

I am taking pieces of time each day to NOT ruin my childrensssesses childhoods during their spring break, though.

We’ve had donuts and coffee/cocoa…

coffee and cocoa on spring break

We looked at the water in Liberty Bay…

Liberty Bay

We even tried a local crepe place for lunch yesterday and OH MY WORD… FAIL.

You know when you walk into a business and you know.

You just KNOW.

You know… the “that feeling” that mostly just happens when you have your kids with you?

You know the thing where the person doesn’t even look at you but look past you to see your gaggle in tow and you can almost feel the red-hot flames of child-hatred?

Maybe that’s a little strong. But we did get yelled at when Lucy fingered the sugar packets.

And when Lucy asked ME where the bacon was.

And not in a “I’m 7 and I’m spoiled” kind-of way, but in a “I’ve never had a crepe before” kind-of way.

(The bacon was in the crepe, but the way…)

I wish I had listened to my gut. To turn around and walk out before even saying “hello”.

I was hoping my gut was wrong, and I really wanted to have a cute crepe place to enjoy. And #support local business.

But no.

Looks like I am going to be making my own crepes just to make sure I am the only one who yells at my kids.


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