Spring is in the air! (Read: SOMEONE has been bit by the Spring Cleaning bug)

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I know, I know… it isn’t spring.


But that doesn’t matter. It seems the little spring cleaning bug bites me early. Almost as soon as I put away the last Christmas decoration, my mind wanders to the nooks and crannies that hide my disorganization.



It is time, people.

It is time I go shred old documents, file files, and sort through old toys and clothes that have been long outgrown.

Some items, I will pass on to friends. Others, I’ll deliver to Goodwill… and yet others will be set aside to list on eBay.

My goals for all of this purging?

  1. To have a cleaner space for my mind.
  2. To have a cleaner space for the kids when I shove them in the basement (see: #1)
  3. To put the earnings toward the credit card we have identified as THE ONE. The one that will be paid off in 11 months. The more earnings I can throw at that card, the sooner we can pay that puppy off. Man, it’d be nice to send off the last payment a month or two early… We shall see.

On the “to sell” docket for the first wave… a few soccer jerseys and shin guards. I am a seller that can only run a few listings at a time. Also, I am not going to list until mid-march because I am traveling (in fact, I will be visiting the eBay campus!). But, in preparation… I have already snapped pictures of the items, and the product descriptions are written. So I am ready to roll when I am back home and ready to focus on that little project…

You know, as I always say… “Slow and steady wins the race…”

Actually, I rarely say that. I just thought that quote was fitting. So sew me. *wink*

How about you? Have you been bit by the bug? Do you have anything hiding in your closets or basement that could help pay down a credit card, or mayeyou’ve had your eye on a shiny red purse? Or drum set. Or something.

I just want to see that credit card balance go down, down, down…


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