Spider Hair, Gangnam Style, and a Flash Mob: In Which Halloween Was FUN!

by | Nov 1, 2012 | Video | 2 comments

I put a spider in Olivia’s hair for Halloween

I followed this tutorial to create a spider for Olivia’s hair OUT of Olivia’s hair!

We scored a ladies blazer at Goodwill & my mom ironed on hem tape and my son rocked the Gangnam Style look:

Oh. And a flashmob in the middle of the street… in the rain with a bunch of the local children’s musical theatre kiddos.

I’m the confused woman with the Superman graphic t… My Olivia is the witch with the hat… my Lucy is one of the screamers (the one who last her cap in the puddle)… and Joel… He’s the one where… Um, just watch to the end. You’ll see.

Video cred: My husband.


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