My son, the football player.

It happened.

One day I had a baby boy that didn’t let me sleep through the night for almost 2 full years and the next day…

football sidelines

I am a mix of emotions.

My son the football player

You can’t really see the mix of emotions in the picture above, but I really am a mix of emotions.

To me football = concussions and ambulances and stuff.

I may or may not be dramatic.

I mean, I love having the game on the TV, but when it’s YOUR KID IN PADS THAT’S DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

But even after just a week of practice, football is also equaling the formation of a pretty neat bond with his teammates… a meaningful sense of accomplishment, and has all-but knocked video games out of the running as far as things my son considers fun.

Hold onto your hats/coffee mugs… My son has even lamented… hand on chin, “I wish we had football practice on the weekend.”

waiting to be put in the game... football

Oh, and dad gets to join in on the coaching.

coach and son

(Probably one of my most favorite pictures of all time right there…)

football sidelines

In case you are wondering, he’s wearing #7.

But he’s #1 in my book.

little sister kills time at football game

In hers too. She picked dandelions during the game. And rolled down the hill. In her school clothes.

My son is a pretty eclectic kid. He played a little bit of soccer in preschool and early elementary, but then we got sucked into the vortex that is children’s musical theatre for many years. He is a great dancer, an even greater actor, and his singing voice… I know I’m his mother, but hand to heaven, the boy has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. Spot-on pitch. He doesn’t even have to try. I could listen to him sing all day.

But football. This is where we are at. It’s new for me. I have a lot to learn about being a good football mom. But I don’t have to learn anything about being proud of my kid.

I got that nailed.

Besides, being on the football team means he wears a tie to school on game day with absolutely no complaint. If football can do that, how bad can football be?

football sportsmanship

Don’t answer that.

wearing a tie to school on gameday

I can’t even.

This boy.

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6 Responses to “My son, the football player.”

  1. Beau says:

    We were later additions to football, but our youngest is now in his 3rd year of tackle football. It definitely was a big step as parents to watch him out there on the field in the confrontation of two teams, but we’ve gotten used to it and he loves it.

    I’ve got to think that all families go

    • Beau says:

      Snag accidentally clicked post.
      I think all families, especially Moms go through these feelings.

      • Thanks Beau… Love hearing from a been-there parent… I think this is a good example of why it’s important for boys to have men in their lives to help temper the moms like me who tend to lean on the safe side. It’s been really cool to see the transformation 🙂

  2. I’m so glad to have read this! I live in Texas where football is not unlike Friday Night Lights and people crying in locker rooms because it’s THAT big a deal. (I’ve been assured by my brother in law, who played for state champs Katy High, that crying in the locker room is, like, totally for Real.) But my parents, not being from Texas, keep looking at my young boys saying, “They’re not going to play football when they’re older, RIGHT? Because football = dead babies.” (Or something along those lines.)
    While this post may not have answered any questions about this, it made me feel a little reassured somehow. And good for you letting your daughter roll down the hill in school clothes.

    ps- I tried to sign up my email above and it may just be my computer, but I put in my email address, but couldn’t actually find a button or way to ENTER it. Is it just me?

  3. Jenna says:

    You give me hope that maybe, someday, I can suck it up when/if our sons give it a go. It scares me so much.

    ALSO: HOLY CRAP, he’s a handsome young man!

    • Something I didn’t mention was the other moms too… the ones where this is there 2nd kid in football… they are encouraging as well. Not necessarily talking me from any ledges, but just watching them and listening… how they are not freaking out. I am a bit on the inside still. Maybe always will. But it’s been such a great thing for my son. So, now I just pray against injury 🙂

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