Something You Don’t See Every Day: Lost Cow

by | Jun 16, 2012 | Life | 1 comment

So there I was…



Hiking in the sense the path was unpaved. “Hiking” is the sense it was a 4th grade field trip.

No walking sticks were required.

But that didn’t keep a few (including MY OWN CHILD) from trying to use walking sticks.

And when I write walking sticks we all know that is just code for eventual eye-poker-outter and/or tool of eventual impalement.

But lost cows…

There we were… just nature hiking and whathaveyou when I saw a sign leaning on a trail marker…

lost cow sign


lost cow sign

Contact number has been obscured to protect the innocent…


We never did see a lost cow, but I have to ask… HOW CAN YOU TELL IF A COW IS LOST???

They all look kinda lost to me… just standing in fields and such… chewing grass and mooing and whathaveyou.

Maybe this cow was a MAD cow.



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