Some much-needed time with a friend…

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My friend Sara and her man and their kidlets came for a visit last weekend.

Sara and I have been friends since I first moved up here to WA… oh about 15 years ago.

We stayed so busy.

We drank coffee… DUH!


Sara makes the very most lovely and most delicious lattes any person has ever made.

She’s my friend and you can’t have her.

We also painted nails…

painting nails

Lucy is having more fun that it would seem. I promise.

We went to the beach…

at the beach

Great glories it was a GORGEOUS weekend!!!

While at the beach we saw a clown!!!

clown on the beach

That’s. Right! A clown! Her name is Ginger Snap.

I think Ginger Snap is a real hottie.

We also kept busy making cupcakes…

making cupcakes!

Sara took this picture. I didn’t realize that shirt made me look so chesty. I’LL BE WEARING THAT AGAIN!!!

And we drank more coffee…

love coffee


More nails were painted…

painting nails

And we watched the guys do sexy things like fix the dishwasher…

sexy men

<< bom chicka wow-wow! >>

Please ignore my counter.

We also watched the children fall like flies…

droppin' like flies

Do you see the sucker stick? The crumbs on the floor? 15 years of friendship brings a whole other kind-of animal house, ehh?


I am so thankful for friendship. It is such a blessing to have women in my life who help me grow, accept me as I am…

My Sara and me

…and add so much to my life.

(That’s my Sara up there)

I don’t feel like I deserve such sweet blessings. So you better believe I sure am thankful for all the bits and pieces… Especially these ones…



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