So you want to know how to make a Shirley Temple? [video]

by | Aug 14, 2011 | Local Living, Video | 1 comment

I made this lil’ how-to video last year around this time.

The thing is, it’s a great time of year for serving fun, cool drinks! Let’s do it again!!!

Besides, I am not into re-inventing the wheel, and also — judging by the number of views this video has had… I know the whole world has not seen it, so…

In an effort to not re-invent the wheel and also in an effort to evangelize the world in the making of awesome-liciously simple Shirley Temples… here ya go!

Happy drinking, with a cherry (or two) on top!

P.S. I am recovering from Poulsbopalooza. It was of the Awesome. See?

Poulsbopalooza 2011[photo cred: Mark Gsellman]

P.P.S. I am not sure what is more awesome… the tambourine or the purple velvet shades.

I know! It was all the diapers people brought!!!

Diaper drive at Poulsbopalooza 2011

So stinkin cool, ehh? I have so much more to share about this… But it’ll come out better once I get some sleep under my belt… or eyelids… Whatever. Iloveyou.


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