So many plans… so little control over said plans…

I typically start stressing about the upcoming week 2 weeks before the week…

Make sense?

Neither does this…

Jenny with a stache


Sunday night — the 6 year old went from 98.6 to 103 in 30 minutes.

Tonight, the middle child walked in the door after school and announced, “I threw up on the bus.”

Then she continued to vomit for the next 4 hours… wretching so much and so hard… I found a little blood in that last bit.

*sad face*

What plans I thought I had … the plans I started stressing over 3 weeks ago…



This afternoon I found myself snuggling and napping on the couch with my fevery little girl for an hour… then spent the next four hours holding back my other daughter’s hair so she wouldn’t vomit on it… rubbing her back and sitting with her on the floor of the bathroom.

I also spent that time envisioning a little germ force-field all around me

Aaaaand  I spent those four hours denying my girl coveted sips of water.

None of that time was spent on taking care of the stuff I had been stressing over weeks ago.

Oh Plans! You slay me…

Do you know what plans says when you spell it backwards?



That can’t be good.


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12 Responses to “So many plans… so little control over said plans…”

  1. Carrie says:

    Aww…hate to hear that sweet girl is sick! Hopefully it’ll pass soon.

    I think I’m the only one at the office not hacking, sneezing and blowing God knows what into tissue.

  2. oh goodness, hope no one else gets it!! {{hugs}} and prayers…

  3. Angella says:

    I try to think of moments like this being the reality check as to what is really important to us.

    Hope everyone is feeling better… we had a sick day yesterday and was doing the hair holding for my daughter as well. Hard to have sick babies that you can only do so much to make them better.

  4. Kimberly Dial says:

    Oh no … praying everyone is good as new … ASAP! PLANS, SPANS or, as you so eloquently put it … SNALPS, FLALPS :/ You’re a mom … you’ve got this! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Patrick says:

    Hope all is well now….
    BTW… SNALP… its almost SNAP!!!

    and even with a mustache… nice… just saying… lol

  6. jubilee says:

    “Snalp.” You are right. Doesn’t sound good when I say it either. Ack!

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