Snow Days Aren’t So Bad!

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Snow days aren’t so bad!
This is your brain on drugs.

Wait. What am I writing about?


This is my back yard covered in snow:

winter wonderland via @jennyonthespot
When it’s not covered in snow it is either muddy or dusty.

Or weedy.

We don’t have grass. When my husband mows the yard, he mows weeds.

Cakes are better with frosting. Our yard is better with snow.

We got *about* 7 inches in one day!

Snow Man Ruler via @jennyonthespot
So what’s a 7 year-old girl gonna do with THAT MUCH snow???

SNOWBALL! via @jennyonthespot
She’s gonna roll a human-sized snow ball, that’s what she’s gonna do!


Lucy's snowman via @jennyonthespot
Make her very own snowman. ALL BY HERSELF.

That skinny little thing made that snowman in about 1 minute flat. No lyin’. I scooted everyone out the door… the next thing I know… Lucy was knocking on the door asking for a carrot. I looked outside and saw a full-on snowman needing a carrot for a nose.

The girl is like a little ninja.

Snow + Lucy = NINJA

He looks like he's lived a hard life via@jennyonthespot
Poor snow-guy. He’s been alive a full 5 minutes, and he looks like he’s lived a long, hard life.

Long, hard, but HAPPY life…


We had a madrona that has always leaned over the top of our drive.

He gave up on snow day.

About a minute after my husband drove beneath it… TIMMMMMBERRRRR!!!!

Our Madrona fell via @jennyonthespot

our road just beyond the tree via @jennyonthespot
That’s the view looking from our house past the tree… down our drive.

Below is the view from our road heading up to the house. Our driveway/road is a LONG gravel driveway that feels a lot like a road. I never know whether to call it a road or driveway.

Our driveway via @jennyonthespot
On Snow Day our road/drive felt a lot more like an obstacle course.

sledding via @jennyonthespot
A really, really beautiful obstacle course.

And I forgot how much Kevin loves the snow too…

dog in snow via @jennyonthespot
It’s melting now.

The mud. That’s not so fun.

Nor as pretty.


Thinking of my friends this holiday season. Merry Christmas, or MERRY ALL THE THINGS. Whatever suits your fancy… I just pray it is blessed with merry.




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